Detroit Firefighter Line of Duty Death – Michael Johnson

Today in DFD history – December 12, 1977


Detroit Fire Department Firefighter Michael L. Johnson made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the citizens of Detroit. At the time of his death Michael was assigned to Ladder 11.

michael johnson

Photo courtesy of the Detroit Firemen’s
Fund Association history book.

On December 12, 1977 at 9:57 am Ladder 11 responded to an alarm of a fire at 3433 E. Warren. Ladder 11 proceeded out of quarters, turning left on Milwaukee. Firefighter Johnson was the tillerman of Ladder 11. Firefighter Johnson signaled the driver with 2 beeps of the buzzer that he was ready for the rig to move.

136 Gifts for Firefighters

If your loved one is a firefighters there’s a possibility he’s been hiding something from you. He hates the firefighting related gifts he receives.


He knows that the people who give them had the best of intentions.  But let’s be real.  Exactly how many statues of Dalmatians next to a fire hydrant does one person need?

With this in mind, I’ve put together a huge list of gift ideas that your firefighter will truly love.



1. Vintage fire department collectables

Fire alarm pull boxes, brass nozzles and vintage department photos are just some of the items that can be found on ebay. I would avoid badges and patches unless your firefighter is a badge or patch collector.


A word of warning: some items on ebay are listed from specific departments (especially large departments like Detroit and FDNY) may not be from those departments.  Do your homework, and read descriptions very carefully.

Handy Tools for Firefighters

2. Glove Strap

This handy strap will keep gloves together and ready for use, and frees up pocket space in bunker gear. 

Detroit Fire’s Fireman Crooner Sings a Christmas Song For You.

We’re losing another good guy. FEO Donald Carlson retires.

Congratulations on your retirement FEO Donald Carlson!
Wishing you a long an happy retirement.

Detroit Fire Dept History Book 1701-2007

Detroit Fire Department 1701-2007 (2007)

This is a great book for anyone who loves history.

This book is divided in two sections.   The beginning section combines historic photographs and information on significant fire department events spanning from 1701 to 2007. The remainder of the book has individual photographs or all department personnel in 2007. This section also has pictures of every Chief of Department, as well as some information and pictures Detroit firehouses. Although a large portion of the book is comprised of pictures of personnel, the historic information that is included is organized nicely and very interesting.

Detroit firefighters hospitalized, rig failures, extreme cold and high winds make for a brutal night for Detroit Firefighters

Detroit firefighters responded to a fire in a two-story commercial building located on 8 Mile Road and Stansbury, the city’s northwest side. The building housed the General Merchandise Liquidation Surplus Outlet, which sold appliances, electronics and furniture.

11-17-2014 8 mile and stansbury

Two firefighters were hospitalized for smoke inhalation after they crawled out of the building.  Initial reports from local new outlets are stating that their air tanks “apparently gave out”.  Footage of the firefighters exiting the building can be seen starting around the 30 second mark in this news report.

A Question About DFD Car License Plates

I’m hoping you can help me with a question that one of our followers sent in.

At one point several firefighters had car license plate numbers that started with DFD. I know some still have the DFD plates.

The question is, were those plates reserved by the Secretary of State for Detroit Firefighters only? 

If so, was this practice discontinued? 

If you have any insights or stories related to the DFD plates I would love to share them. Please leave a comment below.

Pictures – Senior Firefighter Walter Harris

On November 15, 2008 Senior Firefigher Walter Harris made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the citizens of Detroit.

Read more at:  Detroit Firefighter Line of Duty Death – Walter Harris

Never Forget!

Detroit Firefigher Walter Harris Detroit Firefigher Walter Harris and family Detroit Firefigher Walter Harris's locker Detroit Firefigher Walter Harris

Detroit Firefighter Line of Duty Death – Walter Harris

Today in DFD history – November 15, 2008

Detroit Firefighter Walter Harris made the ultimate sacrifice in service to the citizens of Detroit.  At the time of his death Walter was assigned to Engine 23, in the 6th Battalion. He held the rank of Senior Firefighter, badge # 3386.

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Around 5:00 am on the morning of November 15, 2008, Engine 23 was called to a fire in a vacant dwelling at 7418 E. Kirby Street. Engine 23 and Squad 3 arrived to find flames shooting out the second story windows.

Detroit Firefighters “Bomberos Give Back”

Detroit Firefighters give back to help needy families this Christmas.

Christmas is especially difficult for Detroit families who have fallen on hard economic times. Detroit Firefighters know this all too well.


Detroit’s bankruptcy, multiple pay cuts and reduced health care benefits are hitting them hard. Despite this, a group of Detroit Firefighters and their families are working to ensure several Detroit families have a Merry Christmas.