Pop can system fails! Now replace by Detroit Fire wooden block alert.

Move over pop can alert, here comes the Detroit Fire Wooden Block Alert!

By now you’ve seen the Colbert Report on Detroit Fire’s pop can alert system. After it aired several tech firms have stepped up offering free alert systems to fix the problem. However, for one Detroit firehouse the problem is now getting worse rather than better.

Day 3 With No Alert

As of this writing, the station is beginning day 3 of no phones, no computer and no printer, which means no alert system. Instead, department radios are being monitored around-the-clock for calls in their area.

Detroit-Fire-wooden block-alert-system

Detroit Fire Wooden Block Alert System

Firefighters tend to be creative and industrious by nature, so it is no surprise that firefighters at this station have come up with a method to circumvent the currently broken system.

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7 Funny comments from a Detroit strip club fire, you’ll love # 3.

On February 19th, 2014 Detroit Firefighters responded to an early morning fire in a strip club in the downtown area.  The club was appropriately named “The Grind”.

the grindLuckily, no one was injured in the fire.  The incident did lead to some very funny comments about the fire.

1.)  The song playing when the fire broke out, “It’s gettin’ hot in here, so take off all your clothes.”

2.)  Sorry I’m late for work, the strip club next to my apartment caught fire. It’s Detroit’s hottest strip club!

3.)  Detroit residents said strip club fire was emitting pungent fumes. They said it smelled like watermelon body spray and regret.

4.)  When the club caught fire, but patrons were unable to “make it rain” quick enough to extinguish it.

5.)  The dancers must have been smoking hot!

6.)  Someone must have been “smokin’ in the boy’s room”.

7.)  Archbishop Vigneron blesses the new Detroit Archdiocese HQ building, the next AM fire guts a nearby strip club. Coincidence?



Thoughts Firefighters Only Have on COLD Days

On cold days, like today, firefighters are presented with extra challenges.  Porch stairs, sidewalks and roads become slick from the water used to put out the fire.  You don’t walk, you slide your boots along like skates so that you don’t wind up with your backsides on the ground.  In an effort to dry your gear between fire, every square inch of radiator space becomes a precious commodity.  15596t

You think and say things you would never would any other time of the year.  Here are a few of my favorites.

– Hope my mustache doesn’t freeze off.

– I need to invest

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It’s a Good House Now!

In the Detroit Fire Department, when an emergency call comes in the firefighter on watch rings a bell. It sounds a lot like a school bell. It serves as an alert to firefighters who may be scattered throughout the house that their services are needed.

Detroit Fire, like many other departments, have stations that

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