136 Gifts for Firefighters

If your loved one is a firefighters there’s a possibility he’s been hiding something from you. He hates the firefighting related gifts he receives.

He knows that the people who give them had the best of intentions.  But let’s be real.  Exactly how many statues of Dalmatians next to a fire hydrant does one person need?

With this in mind, I’ve put together a huge list of gift ideas that your firefighter will truly love.



1. Vintage fire department collectables

Fire alarm pull boxes, brass nozzles and vintage department photos are just some of the items that can be found on ebay. I would avoid badges and patches unless your firefighter is a badge or patch collector.


A word of warning: some items on ebay are listed from specific departments (especially large departments like Detroit and FDNY) may not be from those departments.  Do your homework, and read descriptions very carefully.

Handy Tools for Firefighters

2. Glove Strap

This handy strap will keep gloves together and ready for use, and frees up pocket space in bunker gear. Made of extra wide, heavy-duty ballistic nylon webbing, lime-silver triple trim reflective tape sewn on both sides, super-tough snap hook for attaching to gear, hook and loop closure to secure fire gloves. Velcro extends 4″ down each webbing strap which allows for adjustment for different sizes and styles of gloves.

glove strap


3. LED Flashlight

The Survivor LED is a lightweight and designed for use in hazardous locations. Its super-bright, narrow beam penetrates smoke for improved visibility. The large on/off button is designed to be easy to use while wearing thick gloves. This is the flashlight of choice for many Detroit Firefighters. Streamlight LED flashlight

4. Streamlight Firebox Flashlight

This is the “Big Daddy” of all flashlights. It has both halogen and LED bulbs, is rechargeable and durable beyond belief.  big daddy flashlight5. Channellock Rescue Tool

This handy tool serves several functions in one compact design. It features hardened cutting edges designed to easily shear through battery cables and other soft metals, a prying surface, gas valve shut off, and a spanner wrench to tighten and loosen hose couplings.

channellock rescue tool

6. Small Hand Tools

Most firefighters carry a few small hand tools in their bunker gear pocket, and sooner or later they somehow they end up being lost. I suggest a Phillip’s head and flat head screwdriver, and a set of channel lock pliers.screwdrivers

7. Nitty Grittys (Rubber Gloves)

When the fire’s out, there’s usually a lot of hose to pick up.  In Detroit many firefighters take off their firefighting gloves and put on a pair of Nitty Grittys.  They are waterproof, have a nice flannel lining, and they’re really durable.

You don’t have to get the Nitty Gritty brand, but be sure to get gloves that are fully rubber coated.  With gloves that have fabric tops and rubber coating on the palm only your hands get very wet and cold.

nitty gritties8. Rescue Knife

This knife was designed by firefighter Rick Hinderer.  It combines a high quality knife with a hook cutter for clothing without cutting the person wearing it, a window punch, and a tool to turn on oxygen cylinders. The grip is designed to make it easy to hold while wearing gloves.



9. Seat Belt Cutter

These make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite firefighter.

seat belt cutter


10. Window Punch

Another good stocking stuffer. With a window punch a firefighter can break car windows in a controlled manner to access car accident victims.

window punch  11. Turn out Pocket Tool Organizer

Keeps small tools organized and easy to find.

turn out pocket organizer w tools12. Bungee Cords

Bungee cords are really handy for holding screen doors open when using a positive pressure fan for ventilation. They also tend to get lost, or let behind. An assortment of  replacement bungees are a welcomed gift.

I find that the kind with the metal hooks work better than the plastic.

bungee cords

 13. Cord for Hose Bundles

Hose bundle cords are constantly being lost in the chaos of stretching.  Believe it or not, this simple cotton clothseline cord can be a hot commodity when supply is low.

bundle cord

Gifts To Keep Your Firefighter Warm

Nothing is worse than being cold when you’re stuck at a multiple alarm for hours on end.

14. Hand Warmers

Hand and foot warmers are a Godsend!

hand warmers

I recommend Hot Hands brand.  I’ve tried other brands and they don’t seem to last as long or put out as much heat.

 15. Foot Warmersfoot warmers

16. Long Johns

In my experience, Under Armour is well worth the cost.  They are super comfortable to wear during a 24 shift and keep you warm and cozy.

They come in three levels of warmth, the 4.0 for extreme cold, 3.0 their mid level, and 2.0 for good overall cold protection.  Under Armour also makes Women’s base layers.

long johns

Be sure that you are getting Under Armour’s base layer and not the compression clothing!

17. Long John Shirt

Under Armour shirts also come in the 4.0, 3.0 and 2.0 level.

long john shirt

18. Boot and Glove Dryer

Wet fire boots and firefighter gloves are cold and nasty to put on, and they start to stink if they don’t dry out completely. A boot and glove dryer makes a great gift for firefighters.   boot and glove dryer19. Low Tech Glove Dryer

Detroit Firefighters have a handy trick for drying firefighting gloves quickly.  Most Detroit fire stations have radiator heat.  Take two empty clean tin cans, cut the top and bottom out and place them inside your gloves.  Put the gloves with the cans inside on the radiator and they will be dry in no time.

glove dryer

20. Yaktrax Traction Cleats

Yaktrax give added traction on snow and ice. These are great to slip over shoes when checking fire hydrants, or shoveling walkways.

yak traks

Gifts to Help Your Firefighter Sleep Tight

21. Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets keep your firefighter warm and toasty even if the fire house dorm is cold.

flannel sheets

22. High Thread Count Twin Sheets

High thread count sheets in a twin size for fire house beds can be hard to find.  Most stores only carry standard count twins.  Give your firefighter the gift of comfortable sleep.

I suggest sticking with dark colors for fire house sheets. Even with regular washings, light colors can start to look dingy and dirty from the grime that is picked up at fires.

high thread count twin sheets

23. Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are essential for blocking out the snoring noises in firehouse dorms.  Don’t worry, they don’t block out so much noise you can’t hear the alert.  I’ve used them for years without a problem. I suggest corded earplugs because they are quick and easy to remove when a run comes in.

ear plugs

24. St. Florian challenge coin

St. Florian is the patron saint of firefighters. Knowing you have a little help from above can help your firefighter rest easy.

st florian con25. St Florian medal.

st florian


Gifts to Keep Your Firefighter Looking Good

 26. Firefighter Tie

Firefighters spend a lot of time in t-shirts.  It may be hard to get them to put on a suit and tie, bot on those special occasions this will be one tie your firefighter will want to wear.

skull tie27. Fire Engine Tie Clip

Maybe firefighter skulls aren’t his thing.  This dandy looking tie tack will look great with any tie.

tie clip

28. Shoe Shine Kit

Super shiny shoes are a must with his Class A’s.

shoe shine kit29. Shoe Care Valet Box 

This will really step up his game.  Everything he needs to take care of his shoes and a wooden valet box to store it all in.

shoe shine valet box 30.  Electric Shoe Buffer

If you really want to step up his game, try an electric shoe buffer.

shoe buffer

31. Kiwi Parade Gloss Shoe Polish

Parade Gloss polish gives an ultra glossy shine.  It also makes a great stocking stuffer.

shoe polish

32. Kiwi Express Shine

For those time when he needs a quick shine but doesn’t have the time. (Another stocking stuffer idea.)

shoe shine quick33. Bunker Gear Wallet

Made from recycled bunker gear material this wallet will make any firefighter happy.


 34. Thin Red Line Paracord Braclet

 paracord key chain

35. Fit Bit Flex Wireless Wristband

Staying fit is especially important for firefighters.  Tracking your activity levels and sleep can help your firefighter stay on track of his fitness.  This wireless wristband monitors steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, amount of sleep and how well he sleeps.

fit bit36. Photography Session at the Fire Station 

Now that your fireman is looking good, encourage him to show it off.  Book a photographer for a session at the fire station. I’m not suggesting the cheesy fireman calendar shots where all the guys have their shirts off.  Just some nice, high quality photos that future generations will cherish.

photographer session

Photos by Manuel Martinez.

Gifts for Firefighters’ Helmet

37. Custom Helmet Shield

A custom helmet shield is a must for ever firefighter. Surprise him with one of these babies and watch him beam with pride!


 38. Helmet Band

Helmet bands are great for holding door wedges and flashlights. Firefighters often make their own by cutting up a heavy duty inner tube.

Helmet bands can be purchase in a variety of styles

from a basic helmet band

helmet band basic

To an Illuminated (Glow-in-the-Dark) Band


helmet band

39. Door Wedges 

A few scraps of wood and a little bit of time is all it takes to make some very handy door wedges your firefighter will be thrilled with.  The simplest wedges are just triangles of wood that can be used to keep doors from closing.  If you want to get really fancy check out this article at Fire Engineering and make some of the notched wooden wedges.

door wedges

Photo by Rick Fritz

40. Helmet Light

There are a variety of firefighter helmet lights and light mounts available to fit every budget.

The Streamlight 68201 is compact and durable, but does not come with a helmet mount, however it can be slipped into a helmet band.

helmet light streamlight small

Streamlight’ Vantage LED light has an aluminum body.  It comes with a helmet mount and can go above or below the helmet brim.

helmet light  helmet light above brim


The Fox Fury helmet light bar puts out 72 torch lumen, runs on 4 AA batteries and the bar shape spreads light over a wider area than a conventional flashlight.

helmet light bar   helmet light bar on


41. Flip Down Eye Shields


flip down shields

42. Helmet Stickers

Personalize his helmet with Reflective helmet stickers. They come in a variety of colors, and themes. helmet stickers

 43. Helmet Camera

Help your firefighter capture the action of fighting fire in full HD with a helmet camera.  Not sure what to look for in a helmet camera.  Check out this helpful article.

helmet camera

 Gifts for the Firefighter / Chef

Firefighters are some of the best cooks in the world! Give him a gift that helps his inner chef come out and you’ll get some awesome CHOW!

44. Cast Iron Cookware

Nothing beats cast iron for durability.  Properly seasoned and cleaned, a cast iron pan will last 2 lifetimes.

cast iron pans

45. Pan Handle Covers

The only drawback to cast iron cookware is that their handles get super hot.  Silicone pan handle covers are a great solution.

cast iron pan handle covers  cast iron pan handle covers 2

46. Cast Iron Pan Cleaner

The easiest way to clean cast iron.

cast iron pan cleaner

47. Cookware

This is the brand of cookware I use at home.  Had it for 3 years and I love it.  It is heavy duty, heat is distributed evenly, and clean up is a breeze.

analon cookware

48. Soup Stock Pot

During the cold weather months soup is made nearly every morning in Detroit Firehouses.  It is a great warm up before heading out to do hydrants. It is also delicious.

analon stock pot

49. Professional Knife Set

Good knifes make prep work quick and easy.

knife set


 50. Knife Sharpening Steel

knife sharpener

 51. Pampered Chef Garlic Press

The best garlic press ever!  I would be lost in the kitchen without it.  No need to peel, just pop in the clove and press.  It is also super easy to clean.

garlic press

52. Hand Odor Remover

Removes onion, garlic, and fish odors from hands. Makes a great stocking stuffer for cooks.

hand odor remover


53. Breakfast Sandwich Maker 

Fantastically quick way to make a hearty grab and go breakfast in the morning.

breakfast sandwich maker

Or get a double sandwich maker so he can make breakfast for you too.

breakfast sandwich double


 54. Bunker Gear Apron

What firefighter wouldn’t want his own personalized bunker gear apron?

Bunker Gear Apron


55. Super Hot Peppers

Add some HEAT to his chili with Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper with approximately heat of 2,000,000SHU!



56. Carolina Reaper Pepper Seed

For that Firehouse Cook that also gardens, Carolina Reaper pepper seeds.

peppers reapers


Manly Gifts for Firefighters

 57. The Art of Manliness Box Set

This limited-edition 2 book collection contains a wealth of information and inspiration for the modern man, packaged in a cigar box.

the art of manliness

58. Shave Soap and Brush

shave soap and brush

 59. Mustache Wax

Is there anything more manly than a handlebar mustache? Here’s the trick to keeping them curled.

mustache wax

 60. Fake Mustaches

Some guys just can’t grow a great mustache.  Help them out with these.


61. Beer Soap

Yes, there is such a thing as beer soap.

beer soap

62. Hair Clippers

hair clipper set

63. Bar Set

An essential for mixing the perfect cocktail. bar set

64. Firefighter Flask

This stainless steel flask with a pewter maltese cross emblem oozes style. firefighter flask

65. Home Beer Brew Kit

Unleash his inner craft beer brewer with this home brew kit. Comes with everything needed to brew and bottle. home brewing kit

66. Firemen’s Brew Beer

If you can’t find it in your local stores, you can order Firemen’s Brew online. The also offer coffee and soft drinks. firemen's brew

67. Weber Q Portable Gas Grill

I use this grill when we go camping. It is big enough to cook for the entire family, yet still portable. The fold up rolling stand is a must. webber grill

More Gifts for Around the Firehouse

68. Firefighter’s Log Book

After a few years on the job, it is easy to forget some of the more memorable runs, how many emergencies you’ve responded to, or some to the crazy things that happen around the station. Encourage your firefighter to keep a daily log by jotting down a few notes about firehouse events ever shift. As the years go by he’ll be happy that he did. firefighters log book

69. Red Suspenders

Why do Firemen where red suspenders? Because they’re iconic and he got them as a Christmas gift. red suspenders

70. Custom Gear Hangers

Bunker gear is heavy. Wet bunker gear is ridiculously heavy. Regular hangers just aren’t strong enough to hold wet firefighting gear when it is hung to dry. These custom gear hangers are. Designed and made by firefighters. To order contact them via email: HangingAroundtheFirehouse@gmail.com gear hanges

71. SCBA Mask Bag

A mask bag helps protect the face piece of masks from getting unnecessary scratches when not in use.

mask bag72. Duct Tape

There isn’t anything you can’t fix with duct tape. Having a spare roll in your locker at the firehouse is a must. duct tape

73. Fire Engineering Magazine Subscription

Since 1887 Fire Engineering has been training America’s fire service. They are America’s oldest and most authoritative source for the latest in fire service information. fire engineering

74. Rig Bag

What’s a rig bag? This is a quick grab bag that’s filled with goodies to make life a little easier when your firefighter is stuck on a fire scene for endless hours. You’ll want to choose a heavy duty bag (tool bags, or range bags are great for this) so that is can take the wear and tear of being bounced around on a fire engine. rig bag Here’s a list of suggestions of what to stock a rig bag with.

  • Bottled water or Gatoraid
  • Beef jerky
  • Granola bars
  • Aspirin
  • Antacids
  • Dry socks
  • Dry gloves (inner wool )
  • Hand warmers
  • Foot warmers
  • Thermal socks
  • Chap stick
  • Wet naps
  • Kleenex
  • Vicks vapor rub
  • Band aids
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Burn ointment

75. Firehouse Toiletry Bag

This bag is great (I use this bag) because it has several pockets, zips closed, and will hang for easy access to contents. tioletry bag Here’s a few ideas of what to pack this bag with. (number 76 – 85)

76. Traveling Toothbrush Sanitizer

Battery operates, stores and sanitizes your toothbrush. toothbrush sanitizer

77. Sonicare Portable Toothbrush

Once you use a Sonicare it is hard to go back to a manual toothbrush. This battery operated Sonicare is great for the firehouse. toothbrush portable

78. GoJo Hand Cleaner

Firefighting is a dirty business. GoJo is the best hand cleaner I’ve found to remove the grime. gojo

79. Working Hands Hand Cream

Firefighters hands take a beating. Working hands hand cream can help keep them soft. hand cream alternative

80. Finger Nail Brush

finger nail brush

81. Nail Clippers

Tweezerman makes the best clippers and tweezers I’ve ever found. finger nail clippers

82. Nail File

finger nail file

83. Burn Gel

burn gel

84. Antibiotic Ointment

antibiotic ointment

85. Firefighter Bandaids

band aids

Car Care Gifts

Firefighters was their rigs all the time. The right tools make the job go faster. Outfit your firefighter with these tools to make car washing at home just as easy.

86. Rolling Car Wash Bucket

Yes, I know this is a mop bucket typically used for washing floors. However, this makes the BEST car wash bucket. It is made for industrial use so it stands up to wear and tear and it rolls easily. car wash bucket

87. Car Wash Brush

A long handled car wash brush makes washing the car go super fast. car wash brush

88. Car Wash Sponge

A good sponge finishes off that stubborn dirt.

car wash sponge

89. Firefighter Garden Hose Nozzle

garden hose nozzle

90. Firefighter Parking Only Sign

Reserve a special parking spot for that nice clean car. firefighter parking

91 . Car Tool Kit

This compact kit is great to throw in the trunk of the car. It comes with all the common tools needed for a quick repair at the firehouse.The tools aren’t the highest quality, but they definitely get the job done when you’re away from your workshop. car tool kit

Gift for Firefighters Aching Backs and Shoulders


92. Thermacare Heat Wraps for Shoulders

Thermacare wraps give hours heat to soothe those aching muscles. Great to use when you don’t have time to sit down with a heating pad.thermacare shoulderThermacare Heat Wraps for Backs thermacare back

93. Inversion Table

Firefighters’ backs take a beating. I endured pain from a bulging disk due to a work injury. I tried traditional physical therapy with no relief, but traction therapy finally alleviated the pain. inversion table

94. Sleep Number Bed

To some people these beds are crazy expensive. If you have back issues, once you sleep on one you will think it is worth every penny. I’ve had one for years and wouldn’t give it up. Splurge and spring for the adjustable frame with massage. It is heavenly. sleep number bed

Gifts for Firefighters’ Entertianment

95. BURN – One Year on the Frontlines in the Battle to Save Detroit

This is a great documentary about Detroit Firefighters. It feature tons of real life fire footage captured by helmet cam. The producers, Tom and Brenna, really took their time getting to know Detroit Firefighters and the film really shows the understanding of firefighters that they developed. burn

96. Too Hot For BURN

This DVD features tons of great footage filmed during the making of BURN. If they put all this into the movie, the film would have been 4 hours long. burn too hot for burn

97. FDNY Pipe and Drum CD

fdny pipe and drum

98. Amazon Prime Membership

With Amazon Prime your firefighter can watch over 40,000 movies and TV shows, listen to over a million songs, he can borrow Kindle books and he gets free 2-day shipping on all his Amazon orders. This is such a great deal you should Start Free Trial for Yourself too. amazon prime

99. Audible Audio Book Membership

Audible is a great service for readers who don’t have the time to sit down with a good book. I listen to books in the car, while I’m cleaning the station, while I’m working out. Audible also has a 30 day free trial, so sign yourself up too. audible 2 audible

Gifts for Firehouse Games

During the down time at the firehouse firefighters enjoy playing a variety of games. Your firefighter will appreciate a gift that helps him play.

100. Pool Cue and Case

Lots of firehouses have pool tables, but often the cues are a little worse for wear. Your pool playing firefighter will look like a shark when he pulls this out of his locker. pool cue

101. Ping Pong Paddle and Balls

Ping pong games can get pretty heated at the firehouse. The competition is fierce. Giving your firefighter his own personal paddle may give him the edge he needs to dominate the game. ping pong paddles and case

102. Horeshoes


103. Corn Hole Game

This game is great at home with the kids, at the firehouse or even when you’re camping. corn hole Hanging Around the Firehouse (same people who make custom gear hangers) also make custom game boards. Contact them via email at HangingAroundtheFirehouse@gmail.com corn hole hagning around the fire house

104. Whiffle Ball Accessories

Whiffle ball is great for the firehouse, because you only need a small yard to play in(unlike baseball). At Detroit’s Engine 54 whiffle ball games are serious business. They have outfitted themselves with balls, bats, bases and even marked out a field. Bat and Balls:

whiffle ball bat whiffle balls


whiffle ball bases Field Chalker: whiffle ball field chalker

Big Boy Toys That Fly

Let’s face it, firefighters are all boys at heart. And nothing makes a boy happier than things that fly in the air (except, of course, things that explode).

105. Bottle Launcher

bottle launcher

106. Balsa Wood Planes

These were a favorite when I was a kid, and I still have a great time with them. balsa wood planes

107. Paper Airplane Motor

Gives a common paper airplane an extra boost with a powered prop! paper airplane motor

108. Paper Airplane Motor and Smart Phone Controller

The ultimate in paper airplanes. Motorize it and control it with your phone. paper airplain controller

109. Remote Control Helicopter

Remote control helicopters provide big fun in a small space. Great for flying indoors. helicopter

110. Remote Controlled Drone

The ultimate “Big Boy” flying toy. This one comes with an integrated 1080p HD camera that can record to an SD card or live stream to a phone. drone w camera You can trick out this drone controller with this firefighter edition pinstripe and wrap kit. drone stickers

Gifts for Firehouse Fun

111. WTF? Button

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the firehouse muttering to my self, “WTF?”.

wtf button

112. Horse Head Mask

This is a favorite with several Windsor (Canada) Firefighters I know. It is amazing how many laughs something as silly as a horse head mask can get. horse mask

113. Emergency Horse Sounds

Because you never know when you’re going to have an emergency that requires horse sounds. This is a great accompaniment to the horse mask. horse sounds Don’t ask me to explain why fake poo and farts are funny, they just are. Trust me, these inexpensive gifts will provide hours of firehouse fun.

114. Fart Whistle

fart whistle

115. Fart Sound Maker – LeTooter

fart sounds

116. Fake Poo

Even if you have no interest in buying this fake poo, click the link for a good laugh. The descriptions calls it “Premium Fake Poop, looks fresh, and hand crafted”. I’m sure glad I was able to find hand crafted Premium Fake Poop instead of that mass produced run of the line fake poop. fake poop

Gifts of Detroit Fire Department Clothing

Offered by Detroit Firemen’s Fund Association, a 148 year old charitable organization that aids critically injured Detroit Firefighters and the families of fallen firefighters. Your purchase gets you a good gift and helps the Fund take care of our own.

117. Detroit Fire Department Official Duty Shirts

old-school ren-cen


118. Detroit Fire or Detroit EMS Job Shirts

They also have sweatshirts and hoodies.

fire job shirt red ems job shirt


119. Detroit Fire Skull Caps and Baseball Hats

skull-cap-roll-up-maltese-PNG 12


120. Detroit Fire Patches and Challenge Coins

patch-dfd-triangle-png challenge coin fd side


Gifts for Firefighter Reading Pleasure

121. 38 Years – A Detroit Firefighter’s Story

A memoir written by a retired Detroit Fire Chief Bob Dombrowski. 38 years

122. Fire Horses

An action packed novel written by retired Detroit Fire Captain Robert Haig. fire horses

123. Report from Engine 82

report from Engine 82

124. Report from Ground Zero

report from ground zero

125. Ever Night is Devil’s Night in Detroit

This book is packed with pictures of Detroit Firefighters in action taken by our friend “Chicago Dave”. every night is devils night

126. First In, Last Out – Leadership Lessons from New York Fire Department

first in last out

127. Last Men Out – Life on the Edge at Rescue 2 Firehouse

last men out

Books About Detroit

128. Lost Detroit

lost detroit

129. Detroit An American Autopsy

detroit an american autopsy

130. 10 Little Police Chiefs – A Detroit Police Story

10 little police chiefs

131. Hidden History of Detroit

hidden history of detroit

Other Gifts for Firefighters

132. Fire Department Flag


133. Chocolate Fire Engine

chocolate fire truck


134. Fire Helmet Party Lights

helmet lights

135. Fire Hydrant Drink Dispenser

fire hydrant drinks


136. Firefighter Gnome

If you just can’t resist the urge to give your firefighter yet another firefighter statue, get a Firefighter Gnome. At very least it is unique.

fireman gnome


I hope this list of 136 Gifts for Firefighters helps you choose the perfect gift for your firefighter.

If you are a firefighter, don’t be shy. Share this list with your family along with the gift suggestion numbers of items you would like to receive.


Do you have a suggested gift for a firefighter that’s not on our list? Share your idea with others by leaving a comment below.

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