Another 7th Battalion Sunrise

You’re on the roof of a 2 flat, chopping through layers of shingles to vent the fire so your guys inside don‘t take a beating. You pound, and pound, and pound again until a good sized opening forms. It spews thick rancid heat like smokestacks of factories in the days before pollution control.

Photo by Denny Moutray

Photo by Denny Moutray

As you straddle the peak of the roof you feel heat on your backside, then hear the welcomed sound of water hit the attic ceiling below. Now you can relax. You wait for word that nothing more is needed from the roof crew, before you go down.

Looking through the murky smoke surrounding the neighborhood, a beautiful sunrise is ushering in a new day. The haze and vibrant colors combine into a surreal scene. More Salvador Dali than real life.

It’s as if you’ve received a secret bonus for being willing to do the job you do. Perched high above the rest of the world, this unobstructed view gives you a perspective few have had. You are filled with hope that the day to come will be as spectacular as it‘s beginning. No need for words, just tap your partners arm and point. They understand.

When you’re back at quarters having that first cup of coffee, the oncoming shift arrives. They walk into a wall of fresh smoke carried home with the crew’s bunker gear.

Had another one again this morning?”

“Yup. Another 7th Battalion sunrise”


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