Detroit Fire Department History – February 18

Today in DFD history – February 18, 1952

Detroit becomes the first fire department in the nation to be fully equipped with mobile radios.  The last units to receive radios were E-48 and E-60.

!vintage radio adAlthough I don’t know the brand of radio’s Detroit Fire Department used in 1952, they would have looked something like this.

Also in 1952

Telegraph Bureau was renamed as Communications Division

All other fire department Bureaus were changed to Divisions

The buddy relief system was approved by the Board of Commissioners. It went into effect February 15, 1952. 

Buddy relief is a system created to avoid firefighters being detained at a scene later than 08:00 am shift change.  Out of courtesy, incoming personnel relieve outgoing firefighters between 06:30 and 07:15.  The official start of shift is 08:00 am, but with buddy relief, if a run comes in just before 08:00 incoming personnel respond.  Those firefighters ending their shifts are already relieved and free to go.  


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