The Life Net

A DFD Retiree’s Story

One day I had the life net out to clean it.  A couple of neighborhood kids asked what I was doing.  I joked that after dinner the boss was going to jump out the dorm window.  We were getting ready to catch him. 



As we were eating dinner the boss noticed about 50 people gathered across the street.  Parents and kids, all looking at the firehouse.  He sent me outside and see what was going on.  I was told “We’re waiting to see the boss jump.” 

I couldn’t convince the boss to jump but I didn’t want to disappoint the kids.  Me and another guy took turns jumping while the rest of the crew held the net.  I jumped and ran back upstairs while he jumped and so on.  At the end the crowd cheered and clapped.  

For weeks after that kids delivered pies, cakes and cookies their mothers’ baked us.  I guess my joke worked out after all.      

Unfortunately, the story was not recorded.  It was so much better in his own words.  Hope you enjoyed it. 

Future posts will feature recordings of stories.

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