Detroit Fire Department History – Veteran’s Day

Today in DFD history – Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran’s Day. To all those who have and are serving THANK YOU!

We give a special mention to Detroit Fire Fighters who gave their lives in the service of their country.

05/14/1918   Pipeman Joseph Griffin E-8 KIA WWI
06/01/1918   Pipeman Robert R. Lanham E-8 KIA WWI
06/14/1918   Sub. Edward Smalley H-1 KIA WWI
10/27/1918   Pipeman Ambrose B. McMahon H-1 KIA WWI
11/01/1918   Pipeman William Sammon E-17 KIA WWI
08/25/1919   Pipeman Anthony J. Mudloff E-11 KIA WWI
08/23/1943   FF Arthur Peltier E-36 KIA WWII
08/23/1943   FF William Neumann E-8 KIA WWII
08/23/1943   FF Walter Greenberg E-42 KIA WWII
08/23/1943   FF Howard Van Wormer E-49 KIA WWII
05/01/1944   TFF Parke E. Greiner, Jr. E-19 Plane Crash, Navy
03/10/1945   TFF Edward J. Pcyz L-6 KIA WWII
04/29/1945   FF William J. Leonard L-19 KIA WWII
02/15/1951   FF Dallas W. Stephey E-42 KIAKorea
04/18/1961   Lt. William J. Kuenne S-2 Plane Crash, Reserves
07/12/1976   Capt. Thaddeus Potocki E-41 Heart Attack, Reserves

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