Detroit Fire Department History 1931- Depression Soup Lines

Today in DFD history 1931 – October 

The first depression soup line began at Engine 1.  

1930s soup kitchen at the firehouse

It was soon extended to 30 other stations to feed hundreds of hungry citizens during the worst years of the depression.   

This article, During the Great Depression Action Was Taken has some interesting insight into Detroit’s attemp to aid those who were hardest hit by the depression.

Another interesting post is Detroit Thrift Gardens of 1931  – The Depression Years which talks about the “vacant lot gardening” program that helped to feed the hungry.

The hard times of the depression were also expressed in song.   Detroit Moan, by Victoria Spivey was recorded in 1936.  Ms. Spivey sings of the hardships of life in Detroit as the depression dragged on year after year.

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