Proud Son, Proud Grandpa

Are you part of a multiple generation DFD family? Have fond memories of your Dad coming home smelling like smoke? Did you visit Dad at the firehouse?

Detroit Firefighter talks about his family connection with the DFD.

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  • Maureen Meehan-Polash

    Douglas Smith…..I also attended Christ the King grade school in the 50’s. My Dad was stationed at Engine 54 at the time. After school I would have to wait at the gas pump out front for my mom to come and pick me up. I loved going inside and watching the activity at that big front desk. Fond memories.

  • muckraker_steve

    Thanks for sharing!

  • BC

    I wish I had more info but I work at Ecorse FD and had a retired DFD capt come in the station that works as an arson investigator now and was explaining that he has had a member in the dept for over 100 years now. What a legacy. Super nice guy.

    • I believe I know who this may have been. He is a really nice guy and has a son who’s on the job now.
      It amazes me how many multi-generational firefighters we have. Can’t think of too many other professions where this is happens.

  • Douglas Smith

    Great photo of Engine 54 and Ladder 26.
    My brother Bob ran there in the early fifties and I was attending Christ the King elementary school across the street. I was so proud to visit him at the “firehall”
    Bob retired in 1968 as Captain of Squad 7.
    My brother Gordon came on the dept in 1952 and ran on the west side: Engine 49, engine 42 among others. He was also a fund trustee. I came on in 1960 and ran at Engine 5, Engine 11, 33, 35 and Squad 2. I resigned in 1972.
    I came on the job with one of the English brothers who was a duty death as Chief in 1992. I know there were other brother and father son members. Perhaps you will hear from them.

    • sheryljayson

      I’m glad you like this Doug. Engine 54 is near and dear to my heart. I spent my entire career there.
      You’re right, there are so many Detroit Firefighter families with multiple family members and multiple generations of those who have served. Thanks for sharing your family’s story.