Send a Patch as a Gift

Send a Patch as a Gift 
Make a donation in honor of your loved onegift patchWe will send a patch with your message, noting that a contribution has been made in their honor, as well as information about Julie’s Journey

This idea started when we were contacted by Kathy Cavill Murphy. She suggested she make a $20 contribution to Julie’s Journey in exchange for us sending her a Detroit Fire Department Patch. Kathy’s step-father was Retired Detroit Chief Robert Hasten.

The best part of this story: Kathy wanted the patch for a friends who is a Chief in Lincoln County, Ontario (near Niagara Falls).

Kathy you truly have a generous spirit! Your patch is on it’s way.

How to send a patch as a Gift:

 1.) Go to Julie’s Give Forward page using this link

2.) Make a $20 (or greater) donation. Be sure to leave your name and donation amount visible.

3.) Email the following information to
      recipient’s name
      mailing address
      message you want included with their gift
We will email you confirmation of your gift has been mailed. 

4.) Sit back and soak up the Thank You’s when your loved one receives their patch.

It’s that easy!