My Wish For You

14 years ago today I had the honor of becoming a Detroit Firefighter. DFD AnniversaryI have been privileged to experience things most people never will.
To those who haven’t, 
I wish you could experience:

  • the excitement of doing a job you love.
  • the joy of helping someone in need.
  • the self-confidence that facing down your fears gives.
  • the sense of accomplishment of finishing a particularly challenging job.
  • the high of rescue someone from certain death.
  • how easy it is to forget stupid grudges when you have a daily reminder of how fragile life is.
  • the joy and laughter that firehouses are filled with.
  • being part of a family as large and loving as the Detroit Fire Department.
  • the pride of being a Detroit Firefighter.

Happy Anniversary Class of 01-25-99!


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