Little Things Have a BIG Impact

With recent stories in the news about Detroit Firefighters not getting proper cleaning supplies and paper products, most notably toilet paper, there has been an outpouring of support. Of course the big donations, such as Charmin delivering a semi-load of toilet paper, make the news. To me however, the smaller donations are more touching, more meaningful and far more personal.

Thank you to Bill & Mary Anne Holloway who recently dropped off donations to E54 / L26.

Last week, while off duty, I stopped by my quarters. While I was there a wonderful couple, Bill and Mary Anne Holloway, came by with boxes of items for the crew. This delivery contained the items for a Christmas feast. They thought of everything from turkey, to cookies and dinner napkins.

As we talked I learned that they had been to E54 / L26 a few weeks earlier bearing gifts of toilet paper, paper towel and other cleaning products. Although this couple does not live in the city, northwest Detroit holds a special place in Bill’s heart. It’s where he grew up. So when they saw the news reports about the shortages, they were moved to action.

Charmin’s donation will literally touch the bottoms of every Detroit Firefighter. It is, however, the smaller personal donations that touch us to the bottom of our hearts.

Sheryl Jayson(a.k.a. Sheryl Fox)
Detroit Firefighter
Engine 54


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