Detroit Fire Department History – March 12 – LODD Warehouse Fire

Today in DFD history – March 12, 1946

 Lt. Oliver J. Strong, E-52 died of smoke inhalation.


Today in DFD history – March 12, 1987

warehouse fire 2warehouse fire 1987 2

A warehouse fire claimed the lives of 3 Detroit Firefighters.  It was the worst loss of Detroit Firefighter’s lives since March 4, 1917.  Those lost were:


Lt. Paul Schimeck, E-10   Lt Paul Schimeck E-10Schimeck Obit

Lt. David Lau                      Lt David Lau E-26Lau Obit

TFF Larry McDonald           TFF Larry McDonald E-26McDonald Obit



More about this incident:
June 1987 Firehouse Magazine article
FEMA Report
Photos from Bill Eisner


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