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  • sheryljayson

    Recently I inadvertently deleted several comments from this post (while deleting spam postings). One of them was from Joe’s wife Andrea.
    I could just kick myself for doing this. Unfortunately, by the time I discovered what I had done I could not recover them. I will be far more careful in the future.
    Please feel free to repost if one of your comments was lost.

    • sheryljayson

      I was able to find a copy of what was posted by Andrea.

      “The worst one day for me too. 7 years today that I lost my love, my best friend, the greatest daddy to our girls who miss him terribly and ask the toughest questions as they are growing up. 7 years that feel like eternity sometimes but other times it feels like yesterday.
      I did not know about this website until today. Great job. To all ladies and gentlemen of DFF, STAY SAFE!
      Andrea & girls”

  • sheryljayson

    Comments from Facebook:

    Gerod Funderburg: What big guys with a soft heart, miss him.

    Ed Davis III: My ABSOLUTE worst day on this job…I remember EVERYTHING about that day…

    Michael King: R.I.P. Big joe

    Terry Harriman: One of the worst days for me ever. We lost two great guys that day, Joe Torkos and Walt Grysko. Walt survived the crash but he was severely injured and retired from the DFD, never to work again. To correct the story, Ladder 7 was not on that run, we heard the crash on the radio and was first on the scene as we left the station to help our brothers. Due to company closings, E-17 was heading to a box that they normally would not have been sent to.

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